Many are noticed much, much differently by David than they are by others.
In our world, certain details can cause David so much joy he starts stimming. On the flip side of that, details like the brightness or flickering of fluorescent light, or the background noise in a grocery store or restaurant – things that most people don’t even notice – are things that cause David anxiety and a great deal of hesitation just to enter a public place.

This particular poster has gone unnoticed by the entire family for years, hanging on my brother’s bedroom wall since high school. David spotted it long ago, and has had an infatuation with it since.
He named it “map animals” so that we would know where to take him when he wanted to see it.
He actually found in himself a way to ask for it. It might not seem like such a big thing, but for David putting together a full verbal request is…. it’s huge. And in our house, we celebrate every win, every success.

My brother, being the awesome uncle he is, agreed to let him have it – even though it’s been on his “wall of fame” for years.
Since taking it down, David has carried it all over the house, getting close up on it, using his hands to partition off portions, and taking even further detailed looks at it. We see it and say, “animals”.

For him, It’s all about the details. 💙

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