Everyone thought that after Y2K (remember that? That was actually a thing), you were the next big number to fear. Everyone thought that when 2020 came, the world was going to end.

Turned out it just stopped.

This year has been so disruptive, and insane, and roller-coasterish (yeah, we’re making up words now), and tragic, and growth-forcing, and eye-opening, and beautiful all wrapped up in one. It’s difficult to remember how life was before this year, honestly.

That’s a tough thing to say but it’s true.

So many memories made, some by force, and so many opportunities left hanging in the balance. In one hand, there’s just so much sadness for the things that were lost as the year wore on. In the other, a deep sense of gratitude for new discoveries made, and stark reminders of how great this family is when we’re not so diluted by day-to-day pressure and distance.

We had to put services for David on hold for a while when this all started, some our choice and some the choice of providers. We had to make huge pivots in how we did things in order to keep him on firm feet to minimize regressions. A huge stressor, sure… but we saw a lot of beauty in how our family and David’s amazing team came together to make things work in such adversity.

There aren’t enough words for how grateful we are for David’s village.

We know how fortunate our family has been to be able to navigate, at least so it seems, one of the most difficult years to survive in modern history. We also know we wouldn’t have, without the above-and-beyondedness (again, roll with it) of the people that help us care for and teach our son.

Some haven’t been so fortunate.

This year has all but destroyed some families. Families we’re close with are still hurting because of the effects of shutdowns and organizational changes. Families that need services much more intensely than David does are at their wits’ end, because service providers are at theirs as well. We’ve gotten by to this point, but who knows.

Maybe the bruises haven’t come to the surface yet.

It sure does feel like this insanity can’t continue for much longer; there cannot be much fuel left to keep this crazy fire burning.

One way or another, we’re pressing on. Either we’re able to resume our old ways at some point, and return to whatever life was before this year, or we accept that things may never be the same again…

And we find a new way.

Regardless, we’re putting 2020 in the rear view, and we’re focusing.
Focusing on becoming better people, focusing on becoming a closer family, and focusing on our future.


Hope to see you there!

With Love,
Hurricane Heffners

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