It’s the little things that let me know that he does care.

He may not know how to express it, or say it, so he shows me.

Last week Tuesday I went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house and ended up staying there until yesterday.

We definitely had a lot of fun, and memories were made. (Yeah, I tipped a snowmobile…oops)

I talked to my Parents and David on the phone a couple times, but obviously it’s not like seeing them in person. I was having a lot of fun, but I of course missed them.

It’s hard talking to David on the phone, because he doesn’t really enjoy conversation as it is, let alone through a screen where he can’t even see the person he’s speaking with.

Sometimes it gets a little dis-heartening. I start to feel like maybe the scripts really are meaningless to him, that he doesn’t really care.

But then he does one little thing, and I know he cares and loves me just as much as I love him.

As soon as I jumped out of my Grandpa’s truck, he looked out the window of our car and started smiling and stimming.

The whole way home, he didn’t say anything to me…but grabbed for my hand the second I sat down and held it throughout the whole ride home.

The hand holding isn’t a new thing, he does it every time we get in the car, I think because it gives him a place to channel his focus other than to his tablet. There are so many sensory factors in a car, especially when driving.

But even if the car is quiet and not moving while Dad, David and I are sitting waiting in the parking lot of a grocery store while Mom grabs a couple things, he will hold my hand.

If we are at home, and I’m sitting on the couch watching a movie with him and he’s running around doing his thing…he’ll stop sometimes and come sit next to me with a blanket and put it over both of us and sit with me.

Always pay attention to the little things. The things you would either take for granted, or wouldn’t expect.

Know that they care, they love you, and always will. They may not show it sometimes, they may not say it…but they try, and that should be enough.

Also yes, the snowmobile, my Grandma, and I are all ok…if you were wondering!

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