The day we met was just an ordinary day….or so I thought.

Little did I know when I woke up that morning, I’d be meeting my forever later that afternoon.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I often think about the day we met. Looking back, life seemed so simple. In that time making plans on a moments notice was nothing. It happened quite frequently. I went over to a friends house after work like I often did. It was a beautiful summery day. My friend was out mowing the lawn when I arrived. I went inside to wait for her not having any idea you were there.

The cliche phrase “you’ll find love when you least expect it” rang true for me.

I wasn’t all dressed up.

My make-up wasn’t to the nines.

I walked in holding up a bottle of booze, excited to have a cocktail on a weeknight like a carefree twenty something single female would do.

And yet, somehow, that carefree night was the beginning of the rest of our lives.

We have had anything but a “textbook” relationship.

The minute our relationship began you were being spit venom at by your ex.

So much so, our first date was sabotaged, using your daughter, no less.

We didn’t let that come between us. Our first date just included her.

It was where our story begins. It was only the first of many obstacles we’d face together in the coming years.

Then came years of court battles.

We got married.

Fertility struggles.

We were then blessed with our first child together.

As if things weren’t crazy enough you still didn’t settle for “good enough.”

You started college in your thirties.

Then came the Autism Diagnosis for our son.

Nine years of court battles ended with a much celebrated adoption. Your daughter became our daughter. We were legally a family of four. Even though we really became a family of four years earlier, the day our son was born.

Add in 25+ hours of therapists in our home every week.

Yet you still graduated college.

Found a better job, a career you worked so hard for.

You have worked tirelessly to provide a better life for your family. No matter how difficult of a challenge that was. You’ve never given up.

You have always made time to make sure the kids and I have what we need.

To make sure I’m ok.

Through the stress.

Through my anxiety, no matter how debilitating it becomes.

Through the sleep deprivation that we thought was over after the newborn stage.

Through the days I feel like I’m failing at parenting.

Through the friendships that have come and gone.

I can’t thank you enough for simply loving me through it all.

You’ve reminded me that no matter who comes and goes from our lives you’re still be my side.

Nearly twelve years later and I’m still rocking the messy bun and comfy clothes. Make up is rarely done. Yet you never seem to mind.

Walking by my side, hand in hand, always showing me I am not shouldering anything alone, no matter what it may be.

Sometimes I sit back and think about those “good old carefree days.” While yes, life did seem so much more simple back then, I wouldn’t trade our life for anything.

In this season of love and our tenth wedding anniversary soon approaching, I want you to know just how loved and appreciated you are.

The kids and I are so thankful for everything you do for us. It does not go unnoticed.

Every love story is unique. Ours is my favorite, because baby we’re fireproof.

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