Hello All,
Drew again.
Might start a little #WednesdayWifeBrag trend here.

You might remember from my “diagnosis” post that my wife left our evaluation meeting a couple years ago “ready to do battle”.
Well, this battle doesn’t really end; battles for services, for resources, and even supplies are all prevalent and nearly always foreboding. Nobody hands you a “Post Autism Diagnosis How-To” manual; you have to become a part of your community, and learn from people who have been through the system to even know what to ask for. Then you have to do the paperwork and the legwork to acquire everything you’ve requested.

Then, you have to continue to do the work of the every. Single. Day. Grind.
Be ready for therapies, ready for guided home school, ready for everything and anything to go wrong; and in my wife’s case, ready for a full work day on top of it all.

We have been extremely blessed in the people that have been sent to us to help David along in all these daily battles. David’s team from school tapped into some of his favorite characters, and developed his assignment work to feature those characters as a means of keeping him focused on individual tasks. These people are amazing.

My wife, who is equally amazing, matches their efforts by keeping all of his 800,000 daily tasks organized, and his materials reusable. She prints, organizes, laminates, and binds his school work into books, so that everything is in an orderly fashion – and David doesn’t get disrupted by shuffling papers or chaos. She even laminates and Velcro’s the moving pieces into the books so they don’t get lost.

This is a microcosm of the work she puts in every day to make sure that our kids always have everything they need.
This is how she works just as hard as his teams do to make sure that they have everything they need to help him as best they can.
This is a small glimpse into how she loves that amazes me every day.

Love you, Mama. Thank you for everything you do for our family.

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