Dear Bubba,

I wonder what it’ll be like.

When I’m off at college, you in fourth grade.

Will you miss me?

Cuz I’ll sure miss you.

I’ll miss you and your lil flappy flaps, the endless scripting and laughing.

I’ll call you and text you every day, I promise.

But what will it be like?

Like I said, I know I’ll miss you.

But how will it feel to know that I could be missing the next big milestone you’ve made in therapy, the new thing you learned in school?

What about when I graduate?

Will I even live in Wisconsin anymore?

When I graduate college you’re going to be nearing high school. What is that going to be like for you?

Kids are mean these days. God forbid, but, will they make fun of you?

Bully you?

Make you feel like there’s no one around you that likes you?

I hope you know that if that ever happens you can call me and i’ll be on the next flight home ready to

…yeah…i’ll take care of it.

You deserve the world Bubba and anyone who makes you think less doesn’t deserve to be around you.

No matter where I am, what adventure I’m on, I will ALWAYS be one call, text, drive, or flight away.

(Alexa, play One Call Away by Charlie Puth)

What about when you’re living on your own?

When you’ve graduated and found something you love doing?

Are you even going to need me anymore?

We’ve already established you’re going to move mountains, so what do you need me for?

I’ll always be there for you, ready to take your hand and guide you, or just to be there with you.

No matter what I’m doing or where I am I will always be ready to help you in any time of need.

You are going places, kid, and I’m so excited to see where they take you.

I love you buddy, always remember that.


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